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DAR Solo 120 – The Lightweight


Type certificate / Musterzulassung: LTF-L

Design method / Construction / Bauweise: Aluminium/Composite

Engine / Moteur / Motor: Polini Thor 250


Span Envergure Spannweite 9.45 m
Overall length Longueur Lange

4.76 m
Overall high Hauteur Hohe

2.47 m
Wing area Surface alaire

Flugelflache 9.765 m²
Cabin width Largeur cabine

Kabinenbreite 0.6 m
Empty weight Masse à vide Leermasse
120 kg
MTOW Masse maxi Maximale Ablugmasse 245 kg
Max. loading Facteurs de charge Hochstzulassige
+4/-2 g
tank capacity
Volume réservoir

Tankinhalt 15 l
Take-off Groundroll Distance décollage Startrollstrecke 140 m
Rate of climb Taux de montée

Steigrate 3.6 m/s
Cruising speed Vitesse de croisière Reisegeschwindigkeit 110 km/h
Maximum speed Vitesse maxi Hochstzulassige
130 km/h
Stall speed Vitesse décrochage Uberziehgeschwindigkeit 50 km/h
Fuel consumption Consommation Benzinverbrauch (im
6.4 l/h
Range Rayon

Reichweite 130 km


DAR Solo 120 ultralight airplane


DAR Solo 120 is a light weight version of DAR Solo UL. Visually no difference between both models.
DAR Solo cover the German LTF-L rules. The empty weight is 120 kg.
The biggest differences are:

1. All cockpit composites parts, are made from 100% carbon fiber, racing manner (no gelcoats) under vacuum in thermal chamber. The lightweight parts are: front nose fairing, instrument panel and backseat.

2. Fuel tank is 14 liter alum welded.

3. Wing is shorter (with 250 mm half wing span is shorter), additionally composite winglet is replaced by alum sheet winglet (lightweight)

4. No flaps (Flaps mechanism is removed)

5. Wheels are 4 inch lightweight tubeless.

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