DAR Solo

DAR Solo is a single seat, single engine, high wing ultra light airplane. The aircraft is based on mixed construction: aluminum wings and composite airframe. New advanced technologies have been introduced and the result is a remarkable aircraft of extra low weight and good flight performance.

For the first time our Sheet Management software has been used in aluminum sheet parts manufacturing. This is a new approach to design and production of sheet parts and component developed in Aeroplanes DAR. Assembling elements, like wings and tail surfaces, is easy and the subjective factor at work has been eliminated.

All composite parts in DAR Solo are made by carbon, aramid and fiberglass in molds under vacuum and controlled temperature. The composite technology allows integrating the different parts in one. Due to this the central beam and vertical stabilizer has been combined in one. The main Landing Gear is made by fiberglass under a new 2-stage vacuuming.

Originally, DAR Solo has been designed to be sold as an airplane kit. That`s why airfoil and assembly have been specially chosen and modified to be easily handled with by customers, specially trained in sphere of engineering and can be assembled in a regular workshop (table). In fact, the customer receives all-important parts ready for final assembly. These important features are required for a product that will be sold as kit set, intended for private manual assembly.


Model variations