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DAR Solo – Construction and technological practices

The new Solo from Aeroplanes DAR is the single seat, single engine, and high wing ultra light airplane. DAR Solo construction is mixed – aluminum wings and composite airframe. During development of the DAR Solo was introduced new technologies and unique practices. Creation of such aircraft requires absolute new approach to the design. Combining metal wings and composite airframe was a key to minimizing weight and to have excellent flight performance.


Sheet Management was created in Aeroplanes DAR to clear way from wing design, part production and accelerates assembly. This method also helps to use CNC equipment (as Laser cut) in production. Light weight wing construction of DAR Solo it is possible only using Sheet Management.










Using composites in DAR Solo bring the aircraft in on new level. All parts are made by Carbon, Aramid and glass fiber in molds under vacuum and controlled temperature. The composite technology gives a possibility to integrate different parts in one. The central beam and vertical stabilizer are one single part. The main Landing Gear is made by glass fibers under a new 2 stage vacuuming. The pod unites canopy, platform/basement and pilot seat.





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