Ultralight airplanes for aviation fanciers

Woelfle Engineering company logo


Woelfle Engineering GmbH is a German company,developing, producing and marketing Wankel type rotary engines for numerous applications and customers around the world. The particular advantages of Wankel engines are the lack of vibration due to fully dynamically balanced rotating masses, the very compact design, the extreme performance with a very flat torque curve, as well as very low emissions. Together with their partner, aixro GmbH, Woelfle both companies continually improve their engines and produce them to meet highest quality standards. For more information, visit company’s website.


Havel Composites company logo


Havel Composites is a composite materials producer from the Czech Republic. Company’s products are of a high quality which is also proved by the fact, that most of them are certified for the use in aviation and shipbuilding industry. The highest attention is paid to the best quality of selected materials. Havel Composites services offered in our wholesale are not limited just to the sale of tools and materials – they also offer excellent technical background, training and assistance in the solving of various technological and production problems. For more information, visit company’s website.


GRS Galaxy Rescue Systems company logo


Galaxy GRS is the biggest European producer of parachute ballistic rescue systems aimed for ultralights, light sport aircraft, unmanned Aircraft and experimentals, ranging up to speed of 365 Km/h. What makes Galaxy GRS products excellent is the fact that their systems use parachutes, that besides an ability of quick opening at high speeds, as by other producers, are able to open quickly even at low speeds. This extraordinary ability is enabled by a well-thoughtout design of particular types according to aircraft weight and speed. For more information, visit company’s website.


Laser Product company logo


Laser Product is a Bulgarian company offering laser system services. The company started operating with helium-neon lasers. Laser Product also developed a laser show system with copper bromide. Later on, the company susccesfully started production of laser systems with solid wire source with 120W of power. Since 2006, Laser Product produces and offers machines with CO2 laser source. For more information, visit company’s website.



Mingda Aircraft Instruments logo
Mingda Aircraft Instruments, part ot Lion Orient Trading Ltd, is a Chinese company specialized in producing aircraft instruments and accessory forhomebuilt/experimental aircraft. Company’s products include barometic altimeter, vertical and air speed indicator, engine gauge, turn co-ordinator gyro, compass, air data testing equipment. Their products are reliable, with precise mechanism and competitive price. Mingda have been selling aircraft instruments in Europe, South East Asia and South Africa for many years. For more information, visit company’s website.


Angel Stoilov-96 JSC company logo


Angel Stoilov-96 JSC is a Bulgarian company trading with iron tools, alloy, structural, graded and non-ferrous metals. The company has been on the market for more than 20 years and is the first company in Bulgaria which introduced three automated systems for trading in ferrous and nonferrous metals. Recently, the company had opened a new facility for gas cutting with CNC machines “ESAB”. 13400 customers from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Greece have so far entrusted Angel Stoilov-96 JSC. For more information, visit company’s website.

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