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Our history

Successor of the legendary state owned "DAR", the company has managed to survive in the higlhy competitve lightweight aviation industry and even become among the leaders in the "120 kg/FAR 103" ultralight planes class.

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Our partners

During the years, Aeroplanes DAR had managed to create a strong network of business partners. Our partners have been providing us with high-quality components and have thus been unaltered part of our success.

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Video gallery

Want to see our DAR Solo 120 in action? Check out these videos and see our airplane's flight performance. You can also see how we do a drop test on the plane.

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Ask a question

Curious to know more about our DAR Solo 120 - 230 model? Write to us now and ask whatever questions you may have concerning tech specs, performance, delivery, price etc.

Contacts us

AeroplanesDAR is a ultralight airplanes manufacturer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our models range vary between single and double seated planes.

The company has been present in the lightweight aviation industry for almost two decades now. Our understanding and knowledge about the small airplanes concept, had helped us to overcome many obstacles including constant industry regulations changes and even the global economic turmoil from the recent years. Our models have always been well adapted to fit into aviation industry’s specific niches and also to satisfy out customers particular needs.

Latest news

On 17.11.2015 our DAR Solo airplane received its Musterzulassungsschein für Luftsportgeräte certificate – Nr.:944-15 1, issued by DULV(Deucher Ultraleichtelugverband). We are now ready to conquer the hearts and minds of ultralight fans all over the world. For more information on DAR Solo, click  here.

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